• Rules & Privacy Policy

    The rules outlined below are applicable to all users of this website, dedicated servers, 1st VFW app, and Discord. There is a section below that is specific to 1st VFW members/applicants, however those rules are in addition to the overall website/forum rules and policies. If you have any questions about our rules, please contact one of the admins.

    General Website Rules

    Be Respectful. This is a very general rule but it's also the most important. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Whether posting on the forum, talking or messaging in Discord, all users must be respectful to each other. There will be times you disagree with another member, or times we will have heated debates on this site about a topic, but we will always treat each other with respect. Users that break this rule can be banned from all of our sites and servers.

    No Copyrighted Content. No copyrighted files are permitted to be hosted on this website or any of our servers. Users are not allowed to post download links to pirated materials, apps, software, or media. We take anti-piracy seriously and have a zero tolerance policy for this rule.

    Real world military manuals/documentation. Do not post or share links to military manuals or documents that are not approved for public use. Links to non-public documentation will be removed and the user that posted it will be banned from using this site. If you have a question on what can be posted or shared, ask an administrator.

    Policy on swearing or explicit content. Swearing and/or explicit content is not allowed on our website and forum. While members of the 1st VFW are required to be 18 years or older, our website does not have the same requirement and therefore we do not allow explicit content on our site. This means no nudity or pornographic material is permitted on this site, ever. We also do not allow excessive swearing or explicit comments on our Discord except in the Bar channel. Some members have families and/or home built cockpits which use speakers instead of headsets, and they don't want their kids hearing inappropriate things said over Discord. We all know sometimes mistakes are made and you may accidentally blurt out something inappropriate, but keep those outbursts to a minimum. Excessive swearing or repeated offenses can lead to suspension from our Discord server.

    No Politics. There are a lot of places on the web to discuss politics but the 1st VFW is not one of them. We all have strong opinions when it comes to politics and in our experience we've found the risk for hard feelings is too high and therefore we have banned political discussions from this website and forum. Threads with political discussions will be locked and posts deleted.

    No SPAM, Advertisements, or Promotion. Users of this website are not permitted to advertise their product or organization without approval from the website administrators.

    Duplicate Accounts. Users are not permitted to create multiple accounts. If you have an issue with your account, need your username changed, or anything else, contact an admin. Users with multiple accounts or users that provide fake information will be removed from this website.

    Guest Discord Policy. Non-members/guests are allowed on our Teamspeak if invited by a 1st VFW member. However, all of our member Discord rules apply to guests as well.

    1st VFW Artwork. Do not use any 1st VFW artwork, logos, skins, or images without permission from the author. If you do not know the author, contact the website administrator.

    Website Privacy Policy. (dba "1st VFW", "1st Virtual Fighter Wing") does not share any user information with any other websites, companies, or 3rd party vendors. We are not a for-profit website and do not accept payments of any kind nor do we store any financial or personal information about our members. The only information we collect (at registration) is the email address of registering members, and the registered member can decide to share that information or not via profile settings. If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy, please use the contact page to contact the web administrators.

    Guest "Dirty Laundry" Venting. We allow constructive criticism on this site about the sim we fly, the sims we used to fly, this wing itself, or just about anything else. However, this website will not be used to vent or talk poorly about another company, group, or organization to create drama. Non-members that attempt to use our site for that purpose will be removed.

    Inactive User Pruning. The 1st VFW admins and forum moderators may remove inactive accounts or change the access level of inactive accounts as needed. We do occasional pruning of our roster and users to ensure we have an accurate list of active users. We very rarely remove a forum account unless we are launching a new site or the user was banned, however we reserve the right to do it as needed.

    1st VFW Member Rules

    Rules Applicable to 1st VFW Members & Applicants

    No Dual Membership. One of the strictest rules at the 1st VFW is that we do not allow dual memberships. This means that we do not accept members into the wing that are also members of DCS or BMS flight sim communities similar to ours. This includes DCS Virtual Fighter Wings, Falcon4 Virtual Fighter Wings, or any gaming clan or community similar to ours that lists support for DCS or BMS. We also do not accept members of Demonstration Teams (regardless of the flight simulator used) because of the time commitment. Any existing member that is found to be in violation of this rule will be removed from the 1st VFW immediately and unable to re-apply for 6 months (Note: re-applying after 6 months is only an option if you have left the other group). If you are unsure if you are in violation of this rule, please contact an administrator.

    Be Respectful (Member Edition). In addition to the be respectful rule above for all users of this site, 1st VFW members are held to a higher standard. If there's a new guy to the wing, welcome him and ask if he has any questions. Don't make fun of other members unless you are very familiar with them and know they will take it as a joke. You may think it's not a big deal but to them it may be. We all like to give each other a hard time, but not everyone is comfortable with you doing that in front of 10 other pilots. Be supportive when guys make mistakes in-game. We were all new pilots at one point. During the debriefing, don't point out every mistake a pilot made without saying the stuff he/she did well too. We know first-hand of a few pilots who have been turned off by a wing after a rough debrief. Being respectful to others also includes following our rules. Making pilots wait for you because you were unprepared or late, is disrespectful. Swearing on Discord is disrespectful. So keep those things in mind when you're on our Discord. The last thing is to not let guys break the rules repeatedly. We must police each other at all times. If someone keeps breaking the rules or making mistakes then let them know. Contact the wing leadership and let them know, that should always be the first measure. Racism, bullying, aggravating and/or arguing of any depth will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly, severely and permanently.

    Wing SOPs & Minimum Standard. All wing members are required to know and understand our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). They may be updated from time-to-time so please monitor the NOTAMs and SOPs updates thread for details if you haven't flown in a while to see if anything changed. Also, all 1st VFW members are required to maintain a minimum standard outlined in the FRS course core skillset. If a member is unable to meet the minimum standard he may be asked to retake the FRS course or complete some currency checks with an IP until the standard is met. The reason for this rule is that we cannot complete advanced mission sets if our members are not proficient in the core skillset.

    Flying with other groups. Members of the 1st VFW are permitted to fly with any other group as long as 1.) You do not join the other group and break our dual membership rule, 2.) Use your 1st VFW Discord tags when flying their (i.e. [1st VFW] Your Name), and 3.) You are not abusing our LOA rules or this rule to actively be a member of two groups.

    Discord Rules. No member or guest is allowed to be noticeably intoxicated on Discord. Swearing or explicit comments are only permitted. Do not fly on non-flight channels. If your Discord channel does not say "Flight" or "Training" in it, do not fly in it. Do not start conversations with users that are actively flying in flight channels. If you join a flight channel, you can ask if the users are currently flying before starting a conversation. The same applies for a briefing or debriefing channel. If you join those channels wait to see if a briefing or debriefing is happening and be careful not to interrupt. Move to the AFK if you step away. All members are advised that if they expect to be away from keyboard(AFK) for longer than 15 minutes, please move to the AFK/Away channel. This is to allow those conducting briefs/flights can be done without distraction. For you information, pilots believed to have been idle for some time will be moved to the Idle/AFK channel.

    Dedicated Servers Rules. All pilots must be connected to the wing DCS Simple Radio radio server when connected to our dedicated server(s). Do not give out our connection info or passwords to people outside of the 1st VFW without permission from an admin.

    In Flight Conversations. When flying, keep comms to a minimum and only related to the flight. This rule means to use brevity as much as possible. Your goal as a naval aviator using brevity is to say as much as possible with as few words as possible. That's the idea behind brevity codes. You want to keep the comms clear for important radio calls. Not everyone knows all the brevity codes so be patient with new pilots. However, talking about what you and your girlfriend did last weekend during the ingress to target is not ok. Aside from jamming up comms over the radio you're also ruining other pilots immersion in the game. We're all polite and don't want to tell you to clear comms, so please don't make us do it.

    Inactivity Rules. If you are going to be inactive (from flying) for 45 days or more, please give us notice. If you do not give us notice, your account will be moved back to non-wing member status until we hear back from you. If you are inactive for extended periods of time, we may require you to go through training again or re-apply. All of this can be avoided by just sending us a PM, using the Leave of Absence form, email, or posting in the forum to let us know you will be inactive. If given notice you will keep your wing member status during inactivity. We understand things happen and you may not have been able to give us notice, so if that happens just send us a PM. However, members should know about our inactivity policy and be prepared to lose access if no notice is given.

    No Pick-Up Flights or Training Flights during WSFs. Do not host flights at the same time as our Weekly Standard Flight (WSF) unless a.) The WSF is full in the ATO, b.) You get permission from one of the wing administrators. This includes training flights. This rule is in place to have as many members as possible participate in the great missions that our mission creators spent valuable time creating.
    Representing the 1st VFW. Do not speak negatively about other Virtual Fighter Wings or embarrass the 1st VFW in any way. When you are using the 1st VFW Discord tag or have 1st VFW in your signature or your avatar, you are representing the 1st VFW. This includes when you are on the DCS forums or other community/flight sim websites. If you are using any 1st VFW artwork or the 1st VFW, you must follow these rules. Be especially respectful when you are on other group's Discord, TeamSpeak, or participating in events with other groups.

    These rules may change as needed. The 1st VFW and its admins reserve the right to change these rules if needed. The Admin Staff will always take into consideration the opinion of our members, however, we will always do what's best for the wing.

    Flight Logging. Wing members must log all multiplayer flights flown with another member. Note, this does not mean every multiplayer flight. Only log flights where another 1st VFW member is actively participating in the same mission. For example, if you are flying a single ship flight on the 1st VFW dedicated server and another member logs on and starts flying his own mission, even though you are on the same server, you do not log that flight. However, if you and the other 1st VFW are participating in the same mission with the same objectives and communicating, then you should log the flight. Any time you are in the same mission actively working together with another 1st VFW member you should log the flight. All 1st VFW members are expected to be truthful in the data they log. Periodic audits will be completed and if a member is found to be logging bad data, his membership may be suspended or revoked.