• WSF | Operation: EXXON | 12-JAN-19

    Operation: Exxon will take place this weekend. See details below and visit the forum thread for more details!

    Demo will be hosting the WSF this Saturday at 1800z. Map will be Persian Gulf and a mission I've been working on.

    Operation: Exxon

    Situation Update:

    Greenland recently had a failed coup attempt and is in turmoil. The coup was attempted by a general in Greenland's military. NATO supports the democratically elected government and has worked to take back control of most of the country. The section shown in the map above, Redland, is the territory still controlled by the General's ground forces (OPFOR). Although OPFOR has control of a limited area, there are 4 airfields located within that area of which 2 are still active with usable runways. Another concern is that some of Greenland's own forces are still loyal to the general and may go rogue. 48hrs ago a Greenland Su-24 attacked NATO forces in northern Greenland for example. NATO requested that Greenland keeps all their fighters and attack aircraft grounded to mitigate the risk of green-on-blue, however, Greenland says they have a right to defend themselves.

    Our mission is to push OPFOR forces out of an oilfield due to "environmental" concerns. The OPFOR general realizes he's in a losing fight and is setting fire to Greenland's main source of income, their oil fields. NATO air forces are tasked with clearing out the strong enemy presence at the largest oil field so friendly ground forces can move in and put out the fires and take control of their largest oil field. Friendly ground forces have started their push from the south but expect heavy resistance. With the help of UAV JTACs, we will target the greatest threats to friendly forces such as artillery and armor.

    Other high ranking officials in OPFORs military are known to be living out of a small village near the oilfield. The village has a lot of air defenses and abnormally high military presence. Intel suggests that the general himself may be located here and the CIA is working up a capture or kill mission on him if they can confirm his location during our operation. A two-ship of Harriers will be tasked with being available for tasking in the area of the village working with the JTAC and SEAL team on the ground.

    Core Flights:

    4 x F/A-18C | Chevy 11 | Interdiction | AUX 357.0 | TCN 74Y

    2 x AV-8B | Ford 21 | DEAD/CAS | AUX 131.0 | TCN 75XY

    2 x F/A-18C | Pontiac 41 | Interdiction | AUX 358.0 | TCN 76Y

    Game Plan

    F/A-18s will depart by 04:00 from Al Minhad and the Stennis. All ships will marshal at the tankers Khasab and push together as a package and push. MC will call the push.

    Stack and Tanker assignments at the marshal (stack altitudes are for holding):

    • Dodge 3 | 24K | Texaco 1X | 133.0
    • Pontiac 4 | 22K | Arco 2X | 134.0
    • Chevy 1 | 20K | Texaco 1X | 133.0
    • Ford 2 | 16K | Arco 2X | 134.0

    After pushing as a package, if we have a TARCAP they will take point stacked high at 22K or above. The rest of the interdiction flights will organize in a wall (if you still to flight path you will be in a wall by default). Flights will then check in with their respective JTACs. Chevy/Pontiac will check-in with Uzi 1. Ford will check-in with Colt 5. Only one flight can work with one JTAC at a time. If there are two F/A-18 interdiction flights, Chevy will check-in first and work targets, and Pontiac will CAP under Dodge's control until their JTAC is available. All flights are expected to remain on station until we depart as a package. If you need to leave early to due to fuel, contact MC. Depending on the situation MC may call an abort if enough ships have to leave and we can't guarantee air cover.

    Air threat contingencies/gameplan:

    If we have a dedicated TARCAP, their flight lead will own the air picture and have control over sending the interdiction flights away from the threat, or ask for their support. They should keep all air threats a minimum of 30 miles away from the interdiction flights. If we don't have dedicated air-to-air, the interdiction flights will need to split up their sections and have one section provide CAP. All the threats we are facing will only have FOX 1 or FOX 2 missiles. It will be a visual range fight but use AWACS and IFF as needed. Reminder to put the radar contact in your pitch latter and not be turning to see if hostile or not (diamond = hostile, square = friendly). Use bullseye in your ray gun calls or buddy spike calls. There's no reason we shouldn't be able to control the air and complete this mission, but it could go bad if we don't stay in contact with DARKSTAR and be looking for threats.

    Support Assets

    • Common/Tactical: 251.0
    • DARKSTAR 1 | AWACS | 251.0
    • TEXACO 1 | KC-130 Tanker | 136.0 | 1X | 17000ft
    • ARCO 1 | KC-130 Tanker | 135.0 | 2X | 19000ft
    • SHELL 1 | KC-130 Tanker | 140.0 | 3X | 19000ft
    • UZI 1 | MQ1-A Predator | JTAC | 133.0 | 20000ft | Field AO
    • COLT 2 | MQ1-A Predator | JTAC | 134.0 | 22000ft | Village AO


    • F-5E
    • MIG-15
    • MIG-21
    • MIG-23
    • SU-24
    • SU-25

    Note: OPFOR has been known to use SA-2 FANSONG and SA-6 KUB radars along with EWR radars to try and scare away friendly forces. Intel does not believe they have any missiles or launchers but report any threats as locate them. Also, intel says OPFOR has been placing MANPADs on some of the oil platforms off the coast. All threats should be manageable if you stay above 15K at a minimum and stay fast. Use auto bombing for GBU releases, and start high enough/far enough to do LMAV runs.

    • SA-18 MANPAD
    • SA-9 Strela
    • ZSU-23s
    • Fast attack boats (take these serious - they only have guns but they are aggressive)
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