• WSF | Operation: Lar Strike | 02-FEB-19

    Nooch is hosting his first weekly standard flight this weekend! Let's all try to be there if we can to support him. Check below for details and as always, read the flight ops thread to sign-up.


    Our actions around Bandar Abbas have proven particularly effective and all Iranian forces have been ousted from the area. Key assets like refineries and power plants have been captured and are now under coalition control. Remaining enemy forces had to take a step back west, pushing the frontline closer to Lar, one of their most strategic airbase. Not only does it house operational fighters and helos but it is also believed to be a place where chemical weapons are stored, an info recently confirmed by Israeli intel.

    Our mission will be centered on Lar airbase where we need to take out the bunkers in which the chemical weapons are stored. Remain cautious as Iranian fighters are still operable in the area. An E-3 Sentry will serve as AWACS and will warn us of any potential threats.

    Uzi 1 (4 x F/A-18C) - CAP
    Dodge 5 (4 x F/A-18C) - Interdiction
    Colt 6 (4 x F/A-18C) - SEAD

    Uzi 1 (FLIGHT PLAN)
    Objective: provide CAP for Dodge 5.

    Dodge 5 (FLIGHT PLAN)
    Primary objective: destruction of the ammunition depot bunkers.
    Secondary objective: destruction of any asset present on the tarmac.

    Colt 6 (FLIGHT PLAN)
    Primary objective: suppression of the Sa-6 and Sa-2 sites east of Lar.
    Secondary objective: destruction of radars, launchers and any auxiliary vehicle.

    All flights can chose to either return to Al Minhad or land on the boat.

    Lar Airbase
    Dodge WP4
    Uzi WP4
    Colt WP6

    Tanker KC-135 "Texaco" FL210 TACAN 34Y
    Tanker KC-135 "Shell" FL200 TACAN 27Y
    Escort Shell F-16 "Ford 2"
    AWACS E-3 "Wizard" FL280
    Escort AWACS Wizard F-15 "Chevy 3"
    CVN-74 John C. Stennis ICLS 8 TACAN 74X BRC 72°

    Event 1: Uzi 1 Aux 01
    Event 2: Colt 6 Aux 02
    Event 3: Dodge 5 Aux 03
    Homebase Al Minhad Pri 01
    Tanker Shell Pri 10
    Tanker Texaco Pri 07
    AWACS Wiazrd Pri 18
    CVN-74 John C. Stennis Pri 05

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