• WSF | Operation: Spotlight | 23-FEB-19

    Shadow's hosting the Weekly Standard Flight this weekend. Initial Briefing is provided below. Briefing info pasted below. View the flight thread to sign-up.

    Operation: SPOTLIGHT

    Following events which took place last week in the Northern Black Sea the global climate quickly deteriorated.

    Russian officials claimed the US shot down one of its TU-22 bombers without provocation. US officials claimed the bomber violated the UN resolution and violated the USS Stennis’s airspace. The UN launched an emergency meeting of the Security council, which Russia and some of its allies boycotted, stating the UN is looking to Russia out as the aggressor.

    US Naval Spokesperson CMDR Charles Royster gave a brief in the Pentegon stating a USMC F/A-18C Hornet fired upon the Russian TU-22 after it fired a Cruise Missile in the direction of the USS Stennis and within the USS Stennis’s airspace. The US Navy maintains the bomber entered the airspace, then fired the missile. Russian officials say this story is a farce. They claim the US shot down a TU-22 located “well outside the bogus UN airspace” and that only after the US fired upon one of its bombers did a separate bomber fire the missile in self-defense.

    Both sources agree after the missile was fired, multiple aircraft fired upon each other, ending in the deaths of several pilots on both sides. The US Navy failed to comment on a reported crash aboard the USS Stennis on the same day as the incident.

    The US Navy dispatched Cruisers from DESRON-13 to attempt to locate the wreckage of one of the Russian bombers. During the search, a Russian and US missile cruiser collided resulting in minor damage to both vessels. Russian President Putin made an announcement the same day, stating:

    “Russia is a nation of civility and laws. We will not stand idly by the US and its allies murder our brave men protecting this land. We have watched, over many years, as the US attempts to blame Russia for its own failings. Our countrymen have been murdered. Our Navy has been under attack. And the UN has done nothing. Russia will not allow the US to continue its aggressive actions on our land.”
    In the two days following this speech, Russian ground forces stormed through the TSKHINVALI VALLEY expanding as far East as Kaspi and as far West as Kutaisi. The Russian forces have effectively cut the Georgian Government, in the capital city of Tbilisi, off from the majority of its citizens. Just as they did in 2008, Russia has been shelling the cities which stand in their way, killing countless Georgians.

    NATO forces immediately deployed to the area, but were unable to mass enough forces to stop the spread of Russian troops to the banks of the Kutaisi River.

    Now both sides are locked in a stalemate as an air war rages overhead.

    Area Brief:

    Flights will be operating out of the Kobuleti Airfield, south ramp. The area of operation for this package will be the valley East of Kutaisi City.

    No fighters will operate North of the Caucuses Mountains!

    Air to Ground Working Area:
    The working area has 4 main points of interest:

    1. Kill Box 1 - Bounded by waypoints 3-7
    2. Kill Box 2 - Bounded by waypoints 8-12
    3. SA-10 Site - waypoint 13
    4. Objective Congo - waypoint 2 (Part of the SA-10 site)

    Supporting Assets:
    Texaco (waypoint 14) will be the primary tanker

    Package Flights:

    • Ford 1 - BAI - 2xF/A-18C - Killbox 1 - AUX 2
    • Dodge 2 - BAI - 2xF/A-18C - Killbox 2 - AUX 3
    • Chevy 3 - SEAD - 2xF/A-18C - All working area - AUX 4
    • Uzi 4 - TARCAP - 4xF/A-18C- North of working area -AUX 5

    *TACAN channels will be in the X-Band

    Flight Briefs:
    Ford 1:


    Primary Objective:
    Search for, and destroy enemy armor units East of Kutaisi City (Kill Box 1)

    Dodge 2:

    Primary Objective:
    Search for, and destroy enemy self-propelled artillery, and the Regiments' Field HQ

    Chevy 3:

    Primary Objective:
    Destroy the SA-10 tracking radar or command post, allowing access to the working area airspace
    Suppress enemy air defenses withing the working area.

    Uzi 4:

    Primary Objective:
    Deny enemy air assets access to the working area. DO NOT FLY NORTH OF THE CAUCUSES MOUNTAIN


    A Squad from the 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion just return from the field with vital intelligence that changes our game plan. They've discovered the SA-10 Site has hooked into to the local power grid to operate their vehicles. This should allow us to disable the power grid thus disrupting their ability to use their equipment for a short period of time. This seems to suggest a window of possibly 5-7 minutes of time from when their power is disrupted to them having the vehicles all operating on internal power again.

    Package Brief:
    Mission Commander: CHEVY 31

    Mission Start Time: 2300
    UFC/Taxi Times: As Required

    Take Off Times:

    • Ford 1 - BAI - At MC Discretion - Approx 2340
    • Dodge 2 - BAI - At MC Discretion - Approx 2340
    • Chevy 3 - SEAD - Chevy 31 2318 || Chevy 32 2315
    • Uzi 4 - TARCAP - 2313

    Chronological Game Plan:

    • Uzi 4 Launches
    • Chevy 32 Launches
    • Chevy 31 Launches
    • Uzi Establishes CAP
    • Chevy 32 Strikes Congo
    • Chevy 31 Strikes SA-10
    • Chevy 3 Surveys AO for SAM threats - Engages any with remaining stores
    • Chevy 3 RTB to rearm for remaining threats
    • Chevy 3 Updates Ford/Dodge on AO
    • Chevy Launches
    • Ford Launches
    • Dodge Launches
    • Chevy SEAD in AO
    • Ford/Dodge work respective Kill Boxes
    • Chevy Transitions to TARCAP
    • Primary Mission Complete (Towed Artillery/Armor destroyed in AO)
    • Ford RTB
    • Dodge RTB
    • Chevy RTB
    • Uzi RTB

    Admin and Logistics:

    Primary Channelization:

    1. 262.000 Base
    2. 275.000 AWACS/Common
    3. 251.000 Tanker

    Auxiliary Channelization:

    1. 251.000 Tanker
    2. 245.000 Ford 1
    3. 357.000 Dodge 2
    4. 225.250 Chevy 3
    5. 240.000 Uzi 4
    6. 275.000 AWACS Common

    AFAC Laser Codes:

    • Killbox 1 1545
    • Killbox 2 1337

    Mission Notes:

    • AFACs will operate a Laser and IR Pointer for target designation of guided and unguided munitions
    • AFACS will operate in their assigned Killboxes at 18K, fighters are responsible for deconfliction
    • AFAC tasking available in the F-10 menu
    • It is expected and acceptable for flights to RTB to Rearm for this mission. Flights SHALL land, RTB back to their starting location and rearm, engines turning, canopy open. Then continue their mission.

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