• WSF | Operation: Tiger | 20-APR-2019 | 1800z

    Banko is hosting this weekend's Weekly Standard Flight. It's a follow-up from our last WSF picking up where we left off. Sign-up via the ATO. High level briefing below, but check out the Flights forum for more details.

    MISSION BRIEFING: Operation Tiger


    During the deep strike mission the wing carried out earlier today on Kerman A/B, we lost several jets over enemy territory.
    The crew of one F-14B managed to successfully eject and reach the ground.
    CSAR mission is going to be launched immediately in order to rescue the crew.
    Enemy ground and air forces are searching in the area to capture the pilots, we must rescue them before the enemy finds them.


    Enemy ground forces engaged in the search are mostly transport vehicles with some APC support.
    Expect SAM units are SA-2,6,8,18, HAWK alongside AAA.
    Expect air threats are F-4’s, Mig-21,29 and possible F-14’s.
    Most enemy air assets are located to the west and north of the AO, expect enemy CAP’s over the AO and high alert level.

    • Eliminate enemy air defenses in the path of the SAR choppers.
    • Establish air superiority in the AO for the duration of the CSAR.
    • Rescue the aircrew.
    • Return safely to home base.


    A flight of two UH-60A’s escorted by three AH-1W will takeoff from Khasab at 0725L.
    A package of 14 fighters will depart from Al Minhad As soon as possible and will fly towards the LZ.
    SEAD flight will have to clear any SAM sites along the coast line that can interfere the package and engage any SAM’s in the AO.
    CAP flights will deal with enemy air threats and establish cap east and west of the LZ and deny access to enemy air assets.
    CAS flight will arrive to AO and search and engage enemy ground units with assistance from Dodge1 (Reaper).
    Once the pilots are rescued and the choppers are feet wet, the package will RTB.
    Tankers are available for refuel on the way back, just south of Khasab.

    Air Assets:

    Overlord1 – E3 – 251 (PRI18)
    Arco1 – KC135 – 268 (PRI12), 102Y, FL160 (South)
    Texaco1 - KC135 – 268 (PRI12), 101Y, FL180 (North)
    Springfield1 – 2x UH60A – SAR
    Enfield3 – 3x AH-1W – Escort
    Dodge1 – MQ-9 – AFAC (F10 Menu, 1588)


    Tactical – PRI 18 – 251
    Tower – 250.20
    Refuel – PRI 12 – 268


    Uzi3 – CAP - 4x F/A-18C – 37/100X, AUX1, 2x9M, 6x120C, 2x330gal.
    *Colt6 – SEAD – 4x F/A-18C – 38/101X, AUX2, 2x9M, 2x120C, 2x88C, 2x Mk.20, 2x330gal.
    Ford1 – CAS – 4x F/A-18C – 39/102X, AUX3, 2x9M, 2x120C, 2xGBU12, 1x65E, 2x330gal.
    Chevy9 – CAP – 2x F-14B – 40/103X, AUX4, 4x 54C, 2x7M, 2x9M, 2x300gal.



    Tanker assignment:

    Arco1 – Uzi1, Ford1
    Texaco1 – Col6, Chevy9

    AO Blocks:

    Uzi3, Chevy9 – FL220 and above
    Colt6 – FL190-210
    Ford1- FL150-180

    Tanker Blocks:

    Texaco FL170-190
    Arco FL150-165

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