• Recruiting

    The 1st VFW is happy to announce recruitment is open and has several IPs ready to take on new cadets.

    In an effort to be more transparent we've posted our basic philosophy below. Please take time to read through before applying. If you like what you see, please scroll to the bottom of the page for openings. These days/times are on a first come, first serve basis with recruiting closing when all slots are filled.

    1.1 Basic Philosophy.
    1.1.1. The purpose of this page is to make sure the wing is very clear about our rules, regulations, and policies so that you understand what the wing expects of you and what you can expect from the wing.

    1.1.2. The 1st Virtual Fighter Wing is a club of like-minded friends that enjoy learning and flying the best combat simulator available to the public, DCS World. The wing strives to fly “realistically” in the sense that real world procedures are followed and employ real world tactics as best the wing can, given the limitations of flying through a PC screen or VR headset. The wing does not role-play and are not “gamers”. Wing members are combat flight sim enthusiasts who want to learn and execute the same things a real world pilot would using the information that is readily available to us. (Note: The wing does not use, share, or host any classified material. We have a strict policy to use only utilizing publicly available information).

    1.1.3. The 1st VFW fully recognizes that this is a hobby and takes a back seat to real life priorities. We will make exceptions or allowances in regards to our rules and policies if a member communicates with us. However, membership at the 1st VFW is a privilege and not a right and therefore if at any point the wing doesn’t feel the student will fit in with the group, or are not meeting our standards before, during, or after flying, or the student doesn’t meet our activity requirements without giving us notice of a leave of absence, the wing can terminate the student’s membership at any time without cause. You'll find the wing is not as strict as that previous statement sounded, but based on experience we want to say that up front on day one so the student understands that the wing can and will enforce rules, regulations, and policies.

    1.2. What The Wing Expects of The Student.
    1.2.1. Simple. The wing expects all students to follow our rules, regulations, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) while being respectful to other members and striving to fly realistically. Wing members joke around and give each other a hard time, but members make sure they don’t cross a line. Get to know people before joking around and know where that line is.

    1.2.2. The wing expects you to do homework. What you get out of our training (and flying DCS for that matter) is directly proportional to the effort put in by you. The wing will do everything it can to help you succeed, but whether it’s learning to fly or just setting up the installation, we expects you to put some effort in before coming to us. An example of this is that we will not teach the student how to ramp start. We expect all of our new members to learn this skill before joining. All information concerning which buttons to push and which dials to turn is available in manuals or youtube.

    1.2.3. Some important rules are below in regards to IQT. Please make sure to read and understand them. If you has any questions about the rules please PM (private message in our forum) you’re assigned Instructor Pilot (IP).

    1.3. Following The Student’s Acceptance Letter.
    1.3.1. Once you've been accepted into the 1st VFW you'll will see a welcome thread with their callsign on the forum. If you haven't introduced yourself, this would be the time to do it. You'll will have one week to acknowledge the thread by responding. If you don't respond within one week we'll assume you are not joining and remove you from the class. Once the welcome thread is posted, you'll will have a maximum of two weeks to prepare for IQT. Use this time to read our SOPs and rules and complete the instructions in the welcome PM. The time limits are in place so that we can get students through IQT quickly and not tie up an IP for an extended amount of time.

    1.4. IQT Training Timeline.
    1.4.1. The IQT lessons are cumulative and the wing requires new members to complete IQT within a specific timeline. If there are large gaps between IQT sorties the previously learned skills could be forgotten. You'll have 45 days to complete the entire IQT training course. The wing will grant extensions if the IP is not available to fly when the student wants to fly, and/or if a real world issues keep the student from flying. However, timely and on-going communication with the assigned IP is a must if any real-world issue delaying IQT completion is anticipated. Students have a maximum of two weeks to prepare for IQT-1 and then have 45 days to complete the IQT course.

    1.4.2 For members who are rejoining the wing and have been requested to complete the IQT course, the student also has a maximum of 45 days to complete IQT. This rule applies for members the wing moved to the Reserves for an extended period of time or members who voluntarily became inactive before wanting to rejoin the wing. The wing requests the student complete IQT within the same timeframe as new members to demonstrate the student is going to be active. Returning 1st VFW members will be screened on a case-by-case basis to determine if full IQT completion is necessary or a shortened IQT course will suffice. Above all, returning members must understand that SOPs change and they will be expected to comply with current procedures.

    1.5. Treat IQT As An Interview For You and Us.
    1.5.1. Treat IQT as an interview and put the best face on and show us why you would be a good addition. A good attitude is more important to becoming a full member than flying knowledge or skills. At the same time, IQT is an opportunity for you to see if the 1st VFW is a good fit for you. You can kick the tires on the 1st VFW and determine if the culture and ops are what you are looking for as well.

    1.5.2. It is rare that someone does not graduate IQT, and it most often happens because the student broke the rules or was not able to meet our requirements (such as not completing the course or starting the course in the allotted time). It is very rare that the wing would drop someone because his or her flying skills are not up to the task. The IP will work with you, doing additional flights to bring you up to standards as long as your attitude is good and you're putting in the work.

    1.5.3. We ask that you keep an open mind and give our methods and procedures a shot before offering suggestions/corrections. We've been doing this for a while and our procedures are in place because of past experience so the wing usually has a reason for the way things are done. Once you graduate IQT and become a full member, whether it’s our website, our rules, or our SOPs, you are more than welcome to offer suggestions on how the wing can improve things. But until then please take the time to learn our way of doing things.

    1.6. If you like what you've read and you want to be a part of the wing, please continue, complete an application, and get ready to have some fun.


    2. F-16, 1x Opening,
    Tuesday and Thursday 2000-2100 ChST (1000-1200Z)

    5. F-16, 1x Opening,
    Wednesday and Thursday 2000 MST (Thursday and Friday Mornings 0300Z)

    If you see a time that fits your schedule please remember the highlighted # and click the link below where you'll be taken to our cadet application.

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