• Connection SOPs

    Published on 02-08-2019 03:41 PM

    1.1 | Multiplayer Connection SOPs Application
    These standard operating procedures apply to all 1st VFW members and any event hosted by the 1st VFW.

    1.2 | Signing Up for a Flight
    All wing standard flights (recurring weekly flights) will be posted in our Flight Ops forum until we complete our new Air Tasking Order app. Flight sign-ups are always first-come-first-serve. Please keep in mind some roles, such as FAC(A), will require the applicable qualification so do not sign up for roles you are not yet qualified to take.

    If you are unable to attend a flight that you signed up for, please make a post in the forum in the flight thread, or via PM to the mission host. We understand things come up but it is proper etiquette at the 1st VFW to give the mission host a heads up so he/she doesn't wait for you before starting the mission. It's also recommended that if you are unsure if you can attend an event, do not commit to a seat until you know you can make it.

    1.3 | Pre-Flight
    Prior to beginning the connection process, check the forum to make sure that you have any briefing materials or files for the mission. Read the briefing before the flight. Be on time for the flight. It's recommended that you show up at least 15mins before the scheduled flight time to check for any new mission files, launch DCS and test your controls, and be ready for the mission host briefing. If you arrive after all the pilots have entered the 3D world, you will not be able to participate in the scheduled flight. Please do not make the host make the decision whether you can join late or not. Simply ask if the briefings are over, and if the answer is yes, please do not ask if you can join.

    1.4 | Test Your Controls
    We cannot stress enough how important it is that every member tests their controls before connecting to the server for a weekly standard flight. Do not put the host in a position where he has to restart the mission because you didn't check if your Track IR worked. The host may choose not to restart the mission and your flight lead may press on without you. It takes 5 minutes to test your controls before the mission. Sometimes things happen and you can quickly rejoin the mission after resolving the issue. However, doing a quick instant action training mission can greatly reduce the chances of you having a PC related issue.

    1.5 | Mission Commander Briefing
    When all checked in members of the mission are present in The Bar TS channel, the MC (Mission Commander) will start the mass briefing. This briefing will include the following:
    • Tactical overview for the mission
    • Mission objectives
    • Target assignments
    • Comms schedules
    • TACAN channel assignments
    • Friendly forces working in operating area (i.e. JTAC/Allied Ground/air forces etc.)
    • Threat assessments (air and ground)
    • Supporting airborne assets information (tankers/AWACS)
    • Weather updates
    • SPINS (Special Instructions)

    1.6 Connecting to the server / SRS Comms Check
    After the briefings have been completed, and the host is ready for people to connect, the host will say "Comms are up". This is your cue to go to the Multiplayer section of the DCS user interface, search for our server, and connect. The password is posted in the forum NOTAMs forum. Make sure you have a launched simple radio before launching DCS and entering the Multiplayer screen as our dedicated server will auto-connect to SRS when you connect to it.

    Once you are connected (in the Select Role screen where you can select your seat/jet), do not enter 3D until the host says everyone can commit to 3D. In the seat selection screen the host will make sure everyone that is signed up for the flight is present and ready to fly before we commit to 3D. When everyone is present, the host will complete a comms check using simple radio. This is done by each person in the select role screen saying their name using simple radio. It goes in order top to bottom.

    1.7 | Individual Flight Briefing
    Once the mission commander briefing is completed, everyone has connected to the server, and you've completed the comms check, individual flights will be moved to their respective channels on Teamspeak. This is to ensure that if there is a problem with communications in the flight, it can be handled locally instead of in a squadron wide channel. Once flight members are in the room, the flight lead will conduct a flight briefing.

    Flight briefing is to include the following:
    • Seat assignments
    • Individual target assignments & attack tactics (or Training Objective)
    • Marshal, taxi, takeoff, and push times and procedures
    • Departure Procedure
    • Cruise Parameter
    • Recovery (Patterns/expected recovery CASE 1/3, Overhead approach, etc.)
    • Abort Criteria / Contingency Planning

    1.8 | Committing to 3D
    After the host says to commit to 3D, you can click the briefing button and then the fly button. Once everyone is in 3D the host will un-pause the game (if needed). At this point you can begin your ramp start and begin to fly the mission as briefed. If you have any issues during this phase use Teamspeak to communicate them. Text chat is also available if the Mission Commander is not available in your Teamspeak channel.

    1.9 Rules on Respawning, Rearming, and Repairing
    Unless the mission commander briefs it, respawning or rearming is not permitted in weekly standard flights. There are some scenarios where it will be ok, such as 24/7 missions or longer events, but if it is ok it will be briefed or included in the event information. The reason for this is that most of our weekly standard missions have a set amount of time to run because most of our members cannot spend the entire day flying, therefore there isn't enough time for people to be able to respawn or repair your jet and fly all the way back to target. Rearming is permitted in weekly standard flights granted your flight lead approves it and you return to base with your wingman.

    2.0 | If you get shot down, crash or CTD
    Losing your jet:
    During the mission if you get shot down, crash, or eject, you are done for the mission. We strive for realistic mission scenarios and therefore you have one life per weekly standard mission. Again, there may be special events or 24/7 campaigns where respawning is ok, however in most of our weekly standard flights you will only have one life and should make it count. If you die, eject, or crash during a mission, you are permitted to back out whenever you like. However, you are still required to be present for the debrief. Therefore, you can hang out and surf the web while you wait, or ask a wing member to text you/message you on discord when the debrief is about to start. If you have to leave and cannot attend the debrief, let the mission host know so he doesn't wait for you before starting the debrief.

    Crash-to-Desktop or Technical Issues:
    During the mission if your game crashes (CTD) or you have a technical issue such as a control not working, etc... Let your flight lead know and he will determine if it is ok for you to back out and rejoin the mission. There may be some cases where you are not able to rejoin the mission. The reason for this is that delays can ruin the mission or cause people to back out because they have limited time.

    2.1 | F10 Map Policy
    Until datalink is enabled in the F/A-18C, we allow mission hosts to show blue forces only on the F10 map. Pilots are allowed to view the F10 map whenever they need. Note, that once datalink is enabled, the wing may choose to hide all units on the F10 map.

    2.2 | Wing Server Rules
    All of the 1st VFW rules and regulations apply to flying on our wing dedicated server. For reference, view our rules page. In general, be respectful of people flying. Do not talk on Teamspeak after you have been shot down or are no longer participating in the mission. Do not spam the text chat. Do not give out our server, simple radio, or TS connection info to people outside of the 1st VFW.

    2.3 | Have Fun
    We at the 1st VFW enjoy taking full advantage of DCS from a tactical simulation standpoint, but at the end of the day this is a hobby and everyone should have fun. All of our SOPs are designed to balance the simulation and fun aspect so please do your best to help us achieve both objectives.

    2.4 | Suggestions or Questions
    If you have suggestions to improve our SOPs, please feel free to post them in our forum or bring them up during a debrief. We are always looking to improve our SOPs and make our fights more fun and more realistic while maintaining a stable consistent platform for online flying. Also, if you have any questions about our SOPs, please post them in the forum.