Cadet Class 19-1...

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Class 19-1,
Welcome again to the 1st VFW. You’ve been assigned to Class 19-1, our first IQT class since switching to DCS full time. While waiting, please take time to read our 1st VFW Instruction 10-101 (HERE). It contains a ton of good info to get you started IQT on the right foot. Please be patient as we are still converting this document from BMS to DCS. Also, please review our current SOPs (HERE) as they, along with 10-101 will get you ready to fly with us.

Class 19-1
Phantom - IP Demo
Tav - IP Turtle
Thatch - IP TBD
Shik - IP TBD

Please reach out to you IPs via PM to schedule your first training flight and let them or I know if you have any questions or concerns. Good luck.

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