Good evening. I'm one of the accepted guys.

I saw Shadows recuitment topic on the ED-Forums and jumped on the chance to get in contact with him. After some questions I decided to apply.

A bit about myself. I'm a 30 year old guy from Switzerland. Working in the electronic industry as a deputy quality manager and ride my Kawasaki Z650 Motorcycle when I get the chance.
Next to my full time job, I attend classes three evenings a week (Mo, We, Thu). Sadly this will limit my ability to drop in on the sorties on Wednesday. Will try to make as many Friday Nights as possible.

Been flying DCS since the A-10C Beta back in 2012, but never joined up with a squadron. Never went DCS full time.
So while I can do most basic things (Startup, Takeoff, Landing, Weapon Usage), I never really learned the more complex procedures and skills.. (AAR, BFM, Mission Planning). Currently my focus is on the Hornet or Tomcat.
Still trying to decide if I should stick with TrackIR or the Rift... Planning on building a Simpit when Im done moving in May. Will be interesting.

My only real piloting experience were 2h flying lessions in a Cessna 172 couple years ago. Sadly a PPL is pretty expensive in Switzerland. So I might have to do this a bit later...

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I'm looking forward to get to know all of you.

Have a good day.