You can choose which forum style/theme you prefer by going to the bottom left of this site and from the drop down selecting:
  • 1st VFW Light Fixed
  • 1st VFW Light Fluid - Default
  • 1st VFW Dark Fixed
  • 1st VFW Dark Fluid

Light is obviously a lighter style with white background and dark has a black/dark grey background. The difference between fluid and fixed is:
  • Fixed means the forum and pages are a fixed size. They don't get wider or skinnier based on the size of your browser.
  • Fluid means the forum and pages will adjust based on browser size. Benefit to this view is seeing images at full size whereas fixed locks them to the same size as the forum or page you are looking at. Also, if you have a large/wide monitor fluid can be better because fixed will limit the forum to the center of your screen.

It's personal preference and what you choose is only for you so feel free to select whichever you prefer.