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    'ello 'ello

    Hey guys,

    Little about myself, I'm 30 next month. I've been flying / flight Sims / interested in aviation since I was about 3 years old. I'm from the rainy UK.

    I try my best to fly whenever I can these days due to busy real life.

    I've been flying DCS for around a year now, with F/A-18, AV-8B, the flaming cliffs pack and Mirage 2000.

    I've got F/A-18 almost down, haven't flew that for a few months with all the new updates. So need to learn the new updates.

    AV-8B I've got down, just in flight refueling needs tweaks.

    Never flew the Mirage yet, even though I bought it around 4 months ago hah.

    I used to fly with a flight sim group MODSim, who used P3D / FSX, but as they wouldn't go to DCS I left. I had around 300 hours.

    Hope to see you all very soon!

    Fly safe,


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    Hi Zen! Welcome to the 1st. Looking forward to getting some flights in with you.

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    Welcome on board Zen!

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    Nice to have you, man. Look forward to flying with you
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    Welcome sir!

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    Hey man. Welcome.
    Another EU pilot. Thats good
    Have fun. See you arround.

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    Welcome to Wing

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    Welcome aboard Zen!

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    Thanks guys, can't wait.

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