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    Niner checking in

    Hey all, just checking in as a newbie. Been looking for a squadron for a minute here and ya'll seem like a pretty good fit. I've been playing DCS on and off for a while, though recently got into it pretty seriously as I got a VR headset. As such, I *probably* won't be the best at spotting bandits as one of my eyes sees better than the other which causes all sorts of fun stuff in VR. However, *hopefully* that won't be too much of a problem, as I primarily fly the Harrier and Hog, so when I get shot down I can just act a really expensive meat shield for the ASF's. Regardless, I look forwards to flying with ya'll.

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    Hey man. Welcome.
    Where are you from?
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    Welcome to the wing Niner!

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    Welcome Niner!

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    AMD FX 8370 8 Core Processor || MSI GTX 1070Ti 8GB GPU OverClocked || 16GB Corsair Vengence RAM @2133 || Samsung 1TB SSD || Samsung 250GB SSD || WD Caviar Black 2TB HDD || WD Caviar Black 1TB HDD || Thermaltake TR2 600W PS || Thermaltake Tower || Win 7 Home 64bit || Thrustmaster Warthog stick, throttle and MFDs || Saitek Rudder Pedals || Trackir 5 ||

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gruman View Post
    Hey man. Welcome.
    Where are you from?
    Smack dab middle of the US, literally an hour or two drive from the geographic center of the lower 48.

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