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    Exclamation Recruiting is Open

    After a year hiatus getting things setup for DCS, recruiting is back open. Click on the recruiting page at the top of our website to apply!

    Feel free to post any questions here, discord link below, or use the contact us form on our site.

    Requirements to join:
    -18 years or older
    -Speak English
    -Own at least one of these modules: F-16C or F/A-18C
    -Can ramp start your primary aircraft
    -Are not a member of another DCS or BMS wing

    What we offer:
    -Detailed training docs and SOPs
    -Two 24/7 dedicated servers (training and combat)
    -1:1 Initial training (4 to 8 weeks) with a dedicated Instructor Pilot on our SOPs and the basics so that you feel comfortable participating in flights
    -Complex missions and mature atmosphere while still recognizing this is for fun and not taking things too serious

    IP Availability:
    1. GMT IP currently has two students. Will update when available.

    2. F-16, 2x Openings
    Tuesday and Thursday 2000-2100 ChST (1000-1200Z)

    3. F-16, 2x Openings
    Wednesday 1800-2000 EST
    Friday 1900-2100 EST
    Sunday 1300-1400 EST

    4. FA-18, 2x Openings
    Weekdays 1800-2000 CST
    Weekend 1800-2100 CST

    5. F-16, 2x Opening
    Wednesday and Thursday 2000 MST (Thursday and Friday Mornings 0300Z)

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    That is an awesome shot and makes me wanna apply! But I guess I can't since I'm already a member

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