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    Response to Membership Application

    FAO Blouse,

    Hi, As stated I cannot reply in PM as I do not have the priviledges to do so at the moment.

    I accept that rules are rules but feel there ought to be at least some flexibility when reviewing applications.

    I only came to DCS in Aug last year and after discovering virtual squadrons I enlisted with CVW-11 flying the Hornet in US time zones. I successfully completed my training after solely focussing on that type and gained a sqaudron assignment and ops status in a concise time frame. Having achieved that I now have spare capacity to dedicate to a new airframe and have chosen the F-16. I came to 1st VFW on the recommendation of Waterboy, CVW-11's F-16 mentor, as having an equivilent reality ethos and training standard to CVW-11.

    I am UK based and retired ex-military, therefore having plenty of time to indulge my pastimes, I looked for a F-16 unit which had Euro time zone mission flying, coupled with high standards for both reality and training, to ensure that there would be minimal/no confliction between commitments to flying both types. As i have finished the training syllabus on the 18, way ahead of other students who joined CVW-11 with me I might add, I now have ample time to dedicate to the 1st VFW and achieve the high standards I believe you require to join a Squadron.

    I respectfully ask that these facts are taken into account as I hope you understand that my personal situation is different than the majority of applicants and that I have already attempted to minimise any concerns the wing may have about my commitment and ability to fly in both wings in different time zones.

    Kind Regards


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    Hey Yeti, appreciate you applying. The dual membership rule is in place because in our experience members that are in two wings don't work out. You may be the exception to that rule, but to keep things simple on the admin side we don't make exceptions on dual membership. We're looking for members that want to spend their flight sim time here and not spread between different online groups.

    Sorry it didn't work out but thank you again for considering us.

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    Hi Demo,

    Thats a real shame, I am disappointed that the wing has no space for compromise and no appetite for allowing someone to PROVE their commitment despite not quite matching "the rules", that is not really the modern way. I do "want to spend their flight sim time here" but as I am retired I have a lot more time, than someone who works, to spend in places.

    But I recognise and respect its your ball and your playing field, so be it.

    Regards Yeti
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    Understood. We wish you the best in your search.


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