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    Jester IQT progress

    Please welcome Jester to the IQT course. Yesterday he successfully passed the first flight.
    Jester is experienced sim pilot with good knowledge of the viper and the SOP's.
    We took off from Al minhad AB and practiced some tac turns, got a little sip of fuel from Shell and ended the flight with an overhead break.

    Overall he met all the DLO's of the first flight and we move on to some action with the next flight.






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    Thanks for the ride Banko and the write-up, I'm humbled. Appreciate the time you put in, looking forward to the next one.

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    Good stuff guys!

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    Good stuff!

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    Awesome! Way to get after it.

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    Last Thursday we flew IQT 2 and Jester did very well to complete the second flight.

    We did three sets of BVR engagements against various migs, while holding a grinder cap between the engagements.
    Although the Viper still lacks B/E information for contacts, Jester managed to handle the comms and the bandits, shooting down all his assigned targets.
    He also managed to shoot down a pair of 29's in TWS mode from about 20nm.

    After we had enough fun for one sortie we got some fuel from Shell in order to get back safely to home plate.

    Good job on IQT 2 Jester, now it's time for some dogfights against the migs.

    Taxi from Lobo flows

    Taking off from Al minhad RWY 09



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    Awesome job Jester!

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    Magnificent!!! Just think of the fun you would be having in a Hornet.

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    Thanks guys!

    I´ll be applying for a Hornet valdiation as well post-IQT. Love boat-work as well :-)

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    Ahhh, but you haven't been to the boat with... Herr Wolf!!!

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    Nice work!
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