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    Quote Originally Posted by Drako View Post
    Well done Jester, keep it coming.
    Me was in the 87th too, for some years
    Same question to you then sir on the DCS Viper as I ponder its purchase.

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    Feels fine to me. Still Early Access to there's that. Roll rate with bags seems slow. It's dangerous on takeoff but other then that it flies fine. Don't have much time to concentrate on how it flies during flights due to having to much fun flying in formation again and in VR(! never going back to pancake mode!). So I guess i'm saying its not the Viper that drew me here but the camaraderie and a change of scenery. If tomorrow the wing would switch over to the A10 or go all rotary or whatever then that's what I'd fly, come hell or high water :-)

    That said - I'd recommend buying it if you miss the viper. It's all "there" even if the avionics are still lacking.

    @Drako - Cool to see another straydog :-) I was there from c.a 2000-2012. :-)
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    I ponder VR but from what I have seen from my brother's in DCSW there is a big resolution trade-off, cant even read the MFDs nor gauges very well. His VR is 5 years old mind you. Hows the res on the newest Rift?

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    Hi Mover,
    I still have no VR so I can’t tell you how you can read instruments in the Viper. I tried out the Hornet in Odyssey VR and felt as blind as a bat, even if the feeling was amazing.
    Actually, after the latest updates, in 2D you can read the F-16 MFD’s well as back in BMS. So I suppose they will be better in VR, too.
    In general I am still not so eager to fly the Viper, as in early access there are so many things missing (and flight model is different from what I recall, loosing so much energy in turns, but might be the engine).
    On the other hand, after 16 years of Viper, having to stay in the Hornet, even if it was interesting to learn a new jet, was too bad for me.
    So, if you feel an old Viper guy, make yourself a present, and purchase it stright away. You’ll feel at home again, even if with your hands tied up.
    If your not, may wait until they release the AG radar.
    Hope that helps.

    @Jester: We never met at the 87th then, becouse I joined only in 2014 if I recall it correctly, and stayed till they closed activities on the European side, three years later. Then they told us we were welcome to join the 1st, that had similar Sops and philosophy to theirs. But maybe you recall me from the international campaigns I organized when I was in VsN Vipersnest (Italian group). Operation Invasion I’m sure was one the 87th took part. That was AF (or was it OF?) so at the time you still stayed at the SDogs. Honored to meet you here anyway. Cheers

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