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    Looking forward to flying with you

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking forward to flying with you. As I'm coming from the A-10C and flying exclusivly in single player up to this point, I have a hunch that I will be like a newborn fawn for a while until I'm trained up.
    My primary platform going forward will be the F-16c - a nice change of pace from the A-10C. I'm mostly unfamiliar with it other than doing cold starts and starting/landing. Further modules I regularly fly in SP are the Ka-50, UH1H and F-18C. My timezone is UTC+1.

    Thanks for having me, and for putting up with my questions in advance ^^.

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    I’ll be flying with Keppler during his IQT (mostly Sundays) but if other members that are in his timezone see him on discord feel free to do a flight. Our GMT IP Banko didn’t have any availability because of other new members so we’re making it work with me.

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    Welcome Keppler!

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