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Thread: Hey again

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    Hey again

    Hey Guys, maybe somebody remember my nickname. Of course I flew several missions with "Demo", many many years ago on "Falcon AF". I stayed at 8th Wolfpack together with Callsigns like "Shin" or "Spoon".
    Now at the time my fingers going crazy in love to go back in the pit. I have seen, that your Squad flys another part of flight simulator, right ? I ordered a new flight stick "Logitech X-56", arrives in few days.
    Some days ago I started Falcon AF first time after long time. Tried to start my engine. I asked me why it can goes. But I remebered me I got many many instructions I printed out. So I found a "engine start - checklist" worked )
    It will takes some hours to get the same knowledge, I think so (I am an old man) ))

    cheers your Fipi, germany

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    Hi,and welcome!
    i might misinterpreted your post but , you said you started Falcon AF a few days just here to clarify we are now flying DCS F-16/18 and not Falcon.
    if you started Falcon just to relearn the basics but you are aware that we are now flying in DCS please disregard this post.. as I said i might misinterpreted your post

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    Yes of course I read obout this. I installed DCS but there is no F16/F18 Fighter to choose. Have I to buy a special package or exist anywhere a free download ? At this time I flew several of the old training missions created by "Demo" or others. It was amazing to remember my time in the 1stVFW.

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    Welcome back Fifi!

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