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    The Prodigal Son Returns

    Hi Demo and Grew, my old friends. So Great to see the best damned Virtual Fighter Squadron still thriving and going Strong. I'm back home in North Carolina now and itching for some seat time. Might take me a bit to get set back up again, Just built a new gaming rig but that's about all i have right now. Surily hoping recruitment is open.
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    Hey Ramious! Good to hear from you.

    We don’t really use this forum anymore. We use discord. You can join here:
    Setup: i9 9900KS 5.0Ghz | 64Gb 3600Mhz DDR4 | EVGA 2080Ti Kingpin | 8 TB SSDs | 1000W PSU | W10 Pro | Rift S | TM Warthog | Saitek Pro Flight Pedals | TM MFDs
    DCS Settings: Everything set to High (water, textures, view distance, shadows) | Resolution: 4K | Cockpit: 512 | MSAA x4 | SSAA: Off | PD 1.6 | AF: 16X | Terrain Shadows: Flat | Trees 100% | Grass: Min | Lense Flare: Flare

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    Thanks Demo , got it installed was just waiting for a way find yaw. I'll see you guys on there soon.

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