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Thread: DCS Updates

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    "Hey everyone,

    Thank you again for the Open Beta reports. These help greatly and we’ve already made many fixes for the next update. Some of these include:

    1- Corrected roll based on crosswind.

    2- Ghost SA contacts fixed.

    3- Adjusted Link-16 frequency to not conflict with TACAN and IFF.

    4- Unknown contacts no long longer have HUD diamond, denoting hostile.

    5- SA TDC now has highest rendering order.

    6- SA TDC and data values are now the correct, yellow color.

    7- Contacts that are ownship and donor hostile identified now have caret HAFU on HUD.

    8- NCTR can also now print targets from 30-degree rear aspect using JEM.

    There are of course other items being addresses, but this is just in the past day.

    • ⁠Wags"

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    Would be great if they pushed out the first item on that list as a hotfix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisgas View Post
    Would be great if they pushed out the first item on that list as a hotfix.
    Just turn the wind off at all altitudes as a workaround and it works perfectly. That’s what I did. Not very realistic, but it works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisgas View Post
    Happy Tomcat day for those who bought it!
    They fixed the wind roll on the hornet too.

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    Updating to for the Tomcat threw out the boat anchor on my machine. Very long load times...

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