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Thread: DCS Updates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gruman View Post
    Just sold my CV1 and now I'm waiting for the next gen coming in a couple of months.
    Interesting. Where did you see that? Like you I am very much looking forward to the CV2 but I have heard it would come much later.

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    With next gen I was thinking of the whole VR Market, not just Oculus. But the Rift-S is coming in May. Valve Index, HP Reverb in June. Pimax 5k with Wide FOV is availble now.
    Valve Index or Pimax are currently my favorites, since they still use a tracking station.

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    Yeah Iím excited for the next gen of VR.

    Wags posted yesterday too about performance boost in VR. Curious to see how that turns out

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    If it’s true, I’ll be happy. Might even be able to hold on to the ol’ 1060 a bit longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demo View Post
    Yeah Iím excited for the next gen of VR.

    Wags posted yesterday too about performance boost in VR. Curious to see how that turns out
    I guess you missed _TB_'s post
    Thats one huge picture... with almost no content

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    We have been listening, and new feature will be brought to you this next week along with the 10th April Open Beta! Dedicated servers with ďno-renderĒ option activated will be able to host all DCS World maps and asset packs for free! We see DCS World Online as a critical feature of DCS World to move forward, and the ability to run interesting and varied mission servers is a great thing for you, clients, and us.
    Awesome news

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gruman View Post
    Awesome news
    That is cool. They still need to make maps free for MP players to join and charge money to use in SP. otherwise all the MP servers will always be Georgia because most people have that map (it’s free)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demo View Post
    That is cool. They still need to make maps free for MP players to join and charge money to use in SP. otherwise all the MP servers will always be Georgia because most people have that map (itís free)
    And everybody is just starting to host a server and play his SP mission there... for free
    Probably not going to happen, which I like TBH. In the end, we all paid for that map already.
    What I would like to see: Lower the price for Maps which are released every 6 months or so. Because 50$ for a Map released 4-5 Years ago (Nevada) is a bit much.

    Let's hope for JDAM and all the other skipped updates for this week. Would be sad, if they moved that stuff to next months update...

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    I agree, $50 for a map is on the expensive side, especially Persian Gulf. You pay the price of a full up video game for something developed in a few months using already existing textures from NTTR and featuring residential buildings that look like a purple shoe box. I mean, I still think it's a great map don't get me wrong but... yeah, you get the point.

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    Will see how much the Syria Map will be... Since Wags said, its the best looking map ever, its probably the most expensive as well
    Doesnt matter. Still buy it on preorder for couple bucks off.

    And there is another free map incoming. Dont think we have any information about that free map yet, right?

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    This is my favorite meme when it comes to flight simming. I wonít buy every module, but if itís a modern US fighter and a theater to operate it in, Iím a sucker for it.


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    DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations
    Fix for DDD aspect switch unit scaling for supersearch & acquisition.
    Fix for being able to fill dropped external tanks.
    Adjustments to structural integrity and wing snap code (hopefully corrects less lenient structural damage with higher network latencies)
    Fixed floating gear emergency extension handle.
    New: Added radar beam structure emulation to the RWR.
    RWR gains and signal strength thresholds adjusted.
    RWR threat library version changed to "R9D2".
    Hook bypass switch input fix.
    Tweaked 6-dof view limits. Less goosing through the canopy.
    Converted some lua option strings to facilitate translation.
    Added custom cockpit livery option.
    Removed l10n folder from coremods.
    Additional push to talk entries for controlling SRS without interacting with the radio menus.

    Added clickspots for the AN/ARC-159 buttons: LOAD and TONE.
    Fixed ground air and electrical still on after flight.
    Multicrew sync of ejection arm switches.
    Fixed jester landing calls special option not working.
    Restore functionality to show HUD movable reticle (pipper) for TCS in STT modes (hiding HUD steering tee implicitly).
    Changed default Jester ripple quantity options to 2,3,4,6,8,16,28.
    Fix Sidewinder keybind volume adjustment infinite loop.
    Adjusted aerodynamic damage effects.
    Small adjustments to thrust and drag models
    Fixed the names of the RIO CMS input commands (AN/ALE-39).
    Fixed the kneeboard displaying wrong mag var values for Nevada (first page).

    DCS F/A-18C
    JDAM initial implementation.
    INS. Autostart. After aligned to OK, the switch will be moved to NAV.
    LTWS. Added switching radar in STT mode in AIM-7 launch
    LTWS. Added aged track of target's blips.
    LTWS. RADAR relocks last tracked target after LTWS off/on fixed.
    LTWS. No L&S symbols on radar page displayed if track under cursor fixed.
    LTWS. HMD lock box not in the correct position fixed.
    LTWS. Radar page doesn't update when DATA button pressed fixed.

    DCS Persian Gulf
    Added new airfields: Liwa Airbase, Ras Al Khamiah International Airport, Lavan Island airport.
    Added historical sites: Bam city, Persepolis, Rayen Citadel.
    North end of Bandar Abbas - parkings added.
    Cleanup after repair added.
    Many minor changes.

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    It looks like the JDAM has been... Dropped...

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    It looks like the JDAM has been... Dropped...
    ...wih a lot of issues

    Better to stay away from JDAM's until 2-3 hotfixes have passed.

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    From what I’ve read, you just have to make sure the stations match up.

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    I dont have an issue spending money on things like new maps as they take time to develop and they add flavor to our sim.

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    DCS Open Beta
    DCS World
    All AIM-7 missiles have active guidance seekers like an AIM-120 - fixed.
    M6 Linebacker will be reload all Stingers by the stock for 240 seconds.
    M192 HAWK launcher will be reload faster, for 420 seconds.
    After rearm SAM Hawk does not not attack enemy - fixed.
    AIM-7 wing animation fixed.
    AGM-88 adjusted accuracy. Autopilot tuning, overload rate response slightly decreased for avoid a hard bucketing.
    AI S-3B can't takeoff from CVN-70 in some case - fixed.
    Dedicated Server. Fix mission restart, now server not crashes even if next mission do not exists or broken.
    AI aircraft will be accelerate to required speed for weapon launch if this weapon required certain minimum speed. For example ARM missile Kh-31 requires minimum 0.7M for sure launch.
    MP. F10 map. With target mark on, the aircraft type, player nick and mark text is overlapped - fixed.

    Flaming Cliffs 3
    Duplicated input for Autopilot reset command in Su-27, 33 and Mig-29 aircraft both FC and standalone is now fixed.
    MiG-29 throttle lag decreased (WIP)

    DCS F/A-18C
    JDAM accuracy increased.
    JDAM crash fixed.

    Added Training Day mission
    The autostart procedure now automatically turns on the radios.
    APU did not start up in some cases after repair - fixed.
    After full depleted of fuel, the aircraft will not start even after refueling - now in this case it is necessary to make repairs.

    DCS A-10C
    Update of the A-10C Instant Action Missions
    JDAM in-range indication restored.

    DCS L-39
    Corrected L-39C Cold Start Nevada Instant Action mission.

    Damage Model is now enabled (WiP):
    INS System
    RWR Receiver
    Weapons Stations
    Chaff + Flares
    SMS Damage enabled
    DMT Damage enabled
    FLIR Damage enabled
    CMDS Damage enabled
    CONF Page enabled
    Training Missions updated

    DCS BS2 Republic: fixed bug with broken default localisation.
    I guess JDAM got a bit more stable

    And even the new Dedicated Server Installer dropped. No texture, all Maps included for free. 54GB Package instead of 160GB. Nice
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    Are they back to updates every 2 weeks or is this a one off thing?

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    DCS updates are still every two weeks, it's just the Hornet that changed to once a month.

    In this one we only got fixes for the Hornet nothing new.

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