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    Thatch intro

    Hi everyone,

    I applied a week ago to join the 1st but have just seen that applications closed around then.

    Thought I had better introduce myself as I will probably stick around and wait for the next round of recruitment.

    I just fly the Hornet in DCS, my previous job meant I didn't have much time for it. Now I am back on shifts I can spend more time getting up to speed on everything.

    Live in the Cotswolds, UK and that's how I go my callsign. I flew with a founder member of Topgun and also a Navy SH-3 on a photo flight so Cotswolds, thatched cottages = Thatch.

    Spent a lot of time writing articles for aviation magazines and did one book on the A-10 (Reid Publications) so got to see Ops in Afghanistan on a few occasions. If you ever see the Blue Angels F/A-18 picture, gear and flaps down under the KC-130T tail with the crew watching on the ramp, I am in the back of the Hornet. I have also visited most of the Navy carriers during ops so have been very very lucky over the years.

    As I said, I will stick around. I have taken a lot of time looking at groups that I can dedicate time too and I also want to progress in my knowledge but have fun. This group looks like I could do that.



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    Welcome Thatch

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    Welcome to the First!

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    Welcome Thatch!

    Let me get with Blouse and see if we can squeeze you in now.
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    Thatch! Just PM'd you. Welcome to the 1st brother!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blouse View Post
    Thatch! Just PM'd you. Welcome to the 1st brother!
    Just replied, thanks very much for getting me in and the welcome. I will start reading the SOP's and getting all the files downloaded.

    Thanks once again.

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