Mini update:

After our meetings today, I can update you on our current near-term planning for the upcoming Hornet features. For the 27 February update we plan (not promise):
JDAM basic operation minus dynamic launch zone
HARM TOO and PB modes
Latent Track While Scan (LTWS) and Track While Scan (TWS) air-to-air radar modes

Following those, priority items will be:
Data Link / Link-16 / MIDS. This has been a huge undertaking and will take a bit more time to get right, particularly for multiplayer data-sharing and creating a unified picture between clients. We want to get this right.
New IFF system tied to D/L
NCTR tied to D/L
JDAM dynamic launch zone.
Data Card. This won’t just be a data card but allow you to customize many aspects of your aircraft set up.
Lightening II Targeting Pod

Again, I need to emphasize that this is planning and not a promise. Things can certainly change. We try to be open and provide you insight into our planning, but with the understanding that this is not set in stone.

- Wags